MC Special has been making Big Waves in the Bhangra Industry as an Mc and Music Producer. Since releasing his first track in 2003, his talents have gained him massive recognition around the UK and Worldwide.

Being introduced to the world of Bhangra by Sukhshinder Shinda, MC Special has since become known for his diverse and highly successful music career that spans the genres of Punjabi and urban music. Much of his success is due to his exceptional ability to bring great sensitivity and credibility to his work as a DJ / MC and Music Producer – taking pride in his music and pushing the beat in his own unique style.

2003 was the break MC Special anticipated. Releasing tracks with Sukhshinda Shinda and Aman Hayer (Mittra de moter teh ‘dnb mix’ and Aja Aja) who are undoubtedly the best producers around the world, gave him the scope and opening he wanted since he began his career. Since then, he has stayed focused and has featured on many albums and singles.


At a young age of only 14 years old MC Special started Djing and Mcing in his bedroom before he met a Roadshow who liked the vocals and skills that he had to offer and decided to take him to bookings. MC Special took the responsibility at a very young age to entertain the crowd at private events and learned from some of the most talented DJ’s in the 90’s. He then decided to learn how to produce music, as he loved bhangra music, and his dream was one day to release a track. It was not until he reached the age of 18, when he was introduced to Sukhshinda Shinda through a family member, when everything kicked off for him. Shinda loved his talent and vocal ability and asked MC Special to feature on his debut album titled Gal Sunja in 2003. The public loved the vocal ability of MC Special and since then he was quickly picked up by record labels and signed. MC Special learned music skills from Sukhshinda Shinda and he said to MC Special; “The public clearly like your music and now that I’ve introduced you to the market stay focused and follow your dream and don’t listen to anyone”. MC Special has been producing music now for 8 years and is still learning as you can never learn enough in this industry.

MC Special – direct from London UK!! Since making waves in the music industry he has worked with some of the most talented people in the Bhangra scene. Having released tracks in the past with Sukshinder Shinda, Aman Hayer, Lembher Hussainpuri, KS Makhan, Nirmal Sidhu, Late Kaka Bhaniawala,  Manak-e, Feroz Khan, Jaswinder Daghamia, J Deep plus many more and having featured on the albums such as Pure Desi Volume 2, Gal Sunja, Usual Yardies, Genie-Us, Groundshaker, Reminisce, Dholicious, First Round, Dhol Beats, Wont Look Back, Bhangra house party, he took his unique flavour and made an impact all around the world. He’s diverse, he’s unique, and he’s been successful and therefore decided to release his solo debut album in 2007 titled “Something Special” which made the world shake. The album featured the smash hit track Nachna Aunda Nehi which went to number 1 across all major radio stations and he has had over 300,000 hits on youtube.

MC Special has travelled the world and performed all over, covering the UK, India, Canada, Italy, Norway and USA to name a few.

At the end of 2010 MC Special released his first single “Sanu vi nachke dekha” from his second forthcoming album named “STILL SPECIAL” which is due to release during 2011 on VIP Records. 2011 is set to a big year for MC Special with his new album and music videos.

MC Special would like to say “First of all without the Support of My Family, friends, fans and the Almighty God I wouldn’t be here today. Respect to all for the love and support you have given to my music. I hope you continue to enjoy it and thanks for visiting my website.